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Faith-Inspired Performance Coaching to help you…Succeed at Work AND Win in Life!




Success in your career or business should not have to come at the cost of your personal life fulfillment

Contrary to the high stress and out-of-balance hustle of the modern-day professional man, there actually IS a way to win in BOTH your work AND BE FULFILLED in life! However, without the knowledge and strategies to perform at a high level, both in and out of the office, it’s going to cost you…

You don’t have to limit your success to only your career or business. You CAN live the life of both fulfillment & success that you desire! You CAN perform at a high level both professionally AND personally!

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My Story:

As a high-achieving sports medicine doctor and home-based business owner I found myself, years ago, outwardly successful in my career, yet secretly stuck in life. Despite the time, money, and effort to succeed, I found myself asking…”Is this it??”. I thought that winning in life came primarily from achieving more in my career & business…but my success unfortunately came at the cost of my family, my faith, and my fulfillment. I was performing poorly in the areas of life that mattered.

After silently struggling with being stuck & a lack of fulfillment, I finally discovered that my success and fulfillment in work and life had little to do with my level of achievement…but instead, had everything to do with the level of commitment to my personal growth and development. Once I prioritized personal development…defined by the strength of one’s (1) faith, (2) mindset, and (3) consistency of daily habits, I began experiencing unparalleled life fulfillment and peak performance in both work and life.

Listen man, your ability to be the best man you can be, live life at a high level of fulfillment, and fulfill your greatest potential is dependent upon YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT…and I’m here to help equip you to do just that.

ELITE MEN is a 6-Months faith-inspired group personal development coaching program that equips you with what you need to become your best self:


You’ll have access to a library of structured weekly video content that spans the topics and strategies you need to strengthen your faith, master your mindset, and elevate your overall performance.


There will be live weekly virtual coaching, with me, that will provide knowledge and guidance to help increase your clarity, build your confidence, and create consistency toward the tasks that will lead to your goals.


You’ll receive accountability, support, and encouragement from me and the 5 other men that will be a part of our journey to greatness together.

ELITE MEN follows the faith-inspired 3-Step ELITE PerforMENce Blueprint to help you go from “Career Success but Stuck in Life” to “Peak Performance & Life Fulfillment”!

Each step in the ELITE PerforMENce Blueprint will equip you to become the man you want to be, so that you can Succeed at Work & Simultaneously WIN IN LIFE!

Module 01

Strengthen Your Faith

Dive into the foundations of your faith and personal relationship with God so you can gain clarity, peace of mind, and life fulfillment.

Module 02

Master Your Mindset

Understand your true identity and how your mind works, so you can have the confidence to pursue & achieve your goals and fulfill your God-given potential

Module 03

Peak Performance Habit Application

Develop new faith-inspired personal growth and mindset habits that will create consistency of action toward your success in both work & life.

Benefits of The ELITE MEN Coaching Program include:

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Listen to what some of my clients are saying

I learned how to develop habits and achieve long lasting results. I have more mental clarity, focus, return of confidence and drive, which has translated into more leads and progress in my business. Dr. Brad’s coaching is a valued tool to help take you and your business to an elite level!
Dr. H
Board Certified Physiatrist & Physician Business Coach
YES! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad’s coaching to another professional who is looking to increase their performance and fulfillment. Simply because he helps clarify your life ambition, purpose, and helps you create structure around them. His productivity strategies have helped my marriage and family significantly.
Charles B.
CFO of a healthcare company
I have that fire and passion back! Dr. Brad helped re-ignite a fire that was dimmed from my purpose! You can expect results! He’s going to motivate you and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Dr. Brad helped me increase my business revenue by 200% in 12 months!
Patrick J.
Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert

How can you experience BOTH career success AND personal life fulfillment?

There are other coaching programs and online courses that may help you with temporary behavior change that lead to unsustainable results or create dependency on the coach and/or purchasing the next program.

With ELITE MEN, my goal is to actually equip you with the right tools, so that you can consistently practice the proven faith-based personal growth habits that develop a strong faith and mindset, which inevitably produces continuous increase in BOTH your professional achievement and personal fulfillment. 

However, in order to get the external results of simultaneous professional success & personal life fulfillment, you MUST change your internal beliefs and mindset. ELITE MEN helps you develop the internal faith & beliefs, that lead to the external behaviors, that produce REAL extraordinary results!

The 6-Months ELITE MEN Coaching Program includes:

The ELITE MEN Program

One-On-One Coaching

Fast-track your way to TRUE Fulfillment by working 1:1 with Dr Brad



One time Payment


Three Payments


Six Payments


Group Coaching

12-weeks of curriculum, coaching, and community to help
you become your best self!


One time Payment


Three Payments


Six Payments

The ELITE MEN Program is offered Year Around

But space is limited. First Come first Serve.

Who is ELITE MEN for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not just enroll, pay, and get started?

Although I want to help everyone who is interested in ELITE MEN Coaching, not everyone is a fit for the program. I am looking for men who truly desire to live an extraordinary life and are willing to grow and develop with me and a group of other encouraging like-minded men. Therefore, I like to meet each individual who is enrolling to ensure they will be a fit for the program.

How many men are in each group?

Six (6) men total will be a part each coaching group and I will be the 7th and facilitator.

Can I do 1-on-1 coaching instead of group?

Yes, you can. However, I’ve seen the greatest impact happen within the group setting. If you are interested in 1-on-1 coaching, simple register and we can discuss it on our discovery call.

I am very busy…will I have enough time to get everything I need out of the coaching?

I understand your concern regarding your time and I am sensitive to the fact that you are busy. I understand and I’ve been there. However, what I have recognized in my life and the life of other men I’ve worked with, is that it’s not so much a matter of a lack of time, but a more matter of the level of priority of the task you are spending the time on. The more important the task, then the higher priority and likelihood of time spent towards it. Therefore, if you TRULY want to get to a place where you have more time, and ultimately experience less stress and more fulfillment in life, then the time invested in ELITE MEN is important enough to prioritize time for. I will help you.

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